Tyre and wheel alignment

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Under-inflated tyres or bulged tyres or uneven thread widths tyres are dangerous to your safety.

Tyres under correct pressure and even treads are keys for better mileage and safety of your vehicle.Using the latest tools, we check pressure and the tread width of your tyre.We replace bald tyres and puncture under-inflated tyres.

If we find uneven frontal and rear tyres, we exchange them with each other.To stop dangerous vibrations, we rotate and balance your tyres.

Wheel Alignment & Balancing: If your car pulls either side on straight roads, your car needs a wheel alignment. By using the latest devices, we precisely measure balance and realign your tyres parallel to each other.

By proper wheel alignment and balancing, we increase the lifespan of your tyres, give better mileage, and make your driving safer.

We provide following tyre services:

  • Tyre puncture and repairing

  • Wheel alignment

  • Tyre replacement

The Key maintenance for your safety on road

Basic maintenance procedures to make sure your vehicles are running at peak performance from CarZone. We check all fluids, Battery, Brake System, Hoses, Belts and much more!

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