Logbook Servicing

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Dealer of your new car has no exclusive right to offer you logbook services.
When you visit our centre to avail our mechanical or auto electrical services, you can also avail our logbook services.
By using the OEM parts, our authorised mechanics fully comply with manufacturer’s specifications and provide you with a reliable logbook service.

We offer following logbook services:

  • Diagnostic Testing & Fault Testing
  • Brake and clutch servicing

  • Air-conditioning servicing

  • Engine servicing and repairs

  • Head servicing, repairs and replacement

  • Tyre sales and fitting

  • Standard service

  • Cooling system service & repairs

  • Brake repairs

  • Clutch o/hauls

  • Wheel Bearing repacks and replacement

  • Auto Electrical repairs

  • Air-conditioning repair

  • Pre-purchase inspection

  • Pre-trip servicing

  • Pre-trip inspection

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Suspension repairs

  • Drive shaft repairs

  • Fuel system repairs

  • Engine repairs

  • Gearbox repairs

  • Differential repairs

  • Road testing of the car

  • Safety Checks

  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter

  • Wipers Checks

  • fuel filter and fuel lines Checks

  • Pressure test of the cooling system

  • Adjustment of handbrake (where applicable)

  • Steering and suspension Checks

  • Lube all doors

  • Battery (including charging) Checks

  • Exhaust system Check

  • Reset service intervals

The Key maintenance for your safety on road

Basic maintenance procedures to make sure your vehicles are running at peak performance from CarZone. We check all fluids, Battery, Brake System, Hoses, Belts and much more!

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