For the peak performance of your vehicle, your engine must be healthy.
By providing an excellence tuning service, we keep your engine healthy for the peak performance.By adhering to the industry’s specifications, we replace substandard parts of the engine with the OEM parts.
We start reassembly and on-site dynamometer checking, only after removing the engine assembly, cylinder heads, and oil pan.By using the best kits, we thoroughly check each part of the engine and fine-tune it.
By keeping torque, engine calibration, and power engine in the peak position, we undertake the entire rebuilding process.After completing all necessary machining (engine block machining and crankshaft machining), we perform bench, final mechanical, and road test to assess the capability of your reassemble engine.
We hand over tuned engine only after ensuring that your engine is dialled in and ready to run without any leakage.Besides, handling all queries regarding the tuned engine, we advise you regarding the timing of first oil change.

 ECU Remapping Services

To comply with emission standards, all engines are detuned by default and have serious flat spots mapped into the ECU program.
By efficiently remapping the vehicle ECU, we optimise engine’s combustion process, generate optimum power, remove flat spots, gives more torque at lower rpm, offer better throttle response and improves fuel economy.

By using the latest tuning software, we efficiently provide custom ECU remapping service to upgrade your vehicle ECU for all make or model vehicle.
We are proficient in raising rev limiter (a device pre-set by the vehicle manufacturer to protect an engine by restricting its maximum rotational speed) or removing or implementing a speed limiter.

The Key maintenance for your safety on road

Basic maintenance procedures to make sure your vehicles are running at peak performance from CarZone. We check all fluids, Battery, Brake System, Hoses, Belts and much more!

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