Air Conditioning Service

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As an authorized licensee, we are competent to re-gas and repair all vehicles’ air conditioner systems in all specifications and models including both passenger and freight vehicles.

Our bouquets of   Car Air Conditioning Services include:

  • Mobile Car Air Conditioning Service, Re-Gas, and Repairs

  • Supply and Installation of Car Air Conditioning

  • Evaporators & Condensers

  • Comprehensive on-site Diagnostic, Leak Detection, and Repairs of Car Air Conditioning

  • R134a re-gas / re-charge

  • R12 to R134a conversion

  • Air-con servicing including new gas, oil, dye and a leak test

Call us to avail our car air conditioning servicing and repairs in NSW.

The Key maintenance for your safety on road

Basic maintenance procedures to make sure your vehicles are running at peak performance from CarZone. We check all fluids, Battery, Brake System, Hoses, Belts and much more!

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